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Handset workshop

Complying with the European Mandatory Environmental Standards, the RoHS workshop produces over 8,000 handsets or other terminals meeting RoHS Specifications each day . Constant  temperature, free of dust adn lead, the workshop ensures not only high-quality production,but makes a safe and comfortable working place.

Precision mould manufacture

The Precesion Mould Workshop,which costs 2 million USD, can maximally accomplish the R&D and production moulding for Hi-tech products. The constant-temperature machining and the precison Measurement Room that maintains a temperature of 20+ ensure the processing quality and testing accuracy.

The culture of a company is not simply the motivation of its employees to work hard and make their best efforts, but it also the key aspect that allows a company to survive in an environment marked by fierce competition.

To carry forward the quintessence of history, to benefit the society with our wisdom, courage and diligence. In Nanbei, employees are the greatest strength. Keeping our consumers loyal to our brand requires us to treat our staff with in a people-oriented manner, so as to stimulate their creativity and a need for the company to succeed. And therefore, we do not merely seek to do better than our competition; rather we try to exceed our own expectations. The values of Nanbei are that people are more valuable than goods; common value is higher than personal value; consumer values are more important than the company's profits.

To build up a staff team equipped with strong consciousness of competition, tough spirit of struggling, keen desire for success, strong sense of rationality and practicality, and first-class ability; to enable the customers to realize their dreams, to committee itself to improving the quality of the customers' life and work and to satisfying their material and spiritual demands, and to promote the social advancement in all-around way.

To create values for the customers, to help the employees realize their dreams and to create a splendid future for Nanbei with a common effort.

Development orientation
To become a world-known company dealing in world-famous neoprene products, to optimize resource allocation and market in the world, and to enhance the competitiveness of its products and services all around the world. To integrate it into the world economy cycle, to guide Nanbei on the road to new-type industrialization, to extend its industrial chain, to improve comprehensive economic benefits, and to maintain its number-one comprehensive benefits and competitiveness in the neoprene industry.

Dedication, patriotism and perfection pursuit
Thought of dedication and patriotism stems from Chinese traditional philosophy of loyalty, or repay of obligation. Nanbei is determined to provide high quality products and services to consumers, and to render its benefits to repay the society and the country. Loyalty is sincerity and Nanbei is always sincere to consumers and society. The thought of perfection pursuit is based upon innovation, symbolizing the ambition of Nanbei to keep forging ahead and innovating and never self-satisfied.

Aigret Company corporate culture has been widely recognized by Nanbei's employees as innovative value created by Nanbei senior management. Innovation is the core of Nanbei corporate culture, Nanbei's unique cultural system cultivated and developed over the past years. Nanbei corporate culture is guided and developed by advanced concept, innovative strategy, efficient organization, creative technology and market orientation, which have enabled Nanbei to grow swiftly with business expansion from China to outside world. Nanbei corporate culture features recognition and participation of all employees. Today, Nanbei is ambitious to gain worldwide recognition. To achieve this magnificent goal, Nanbei has had all its employees involved in realizing Nanbei's ideal to be a global recognizable brand.

Market is the first department
An excellent company must be able to understand the market and adapt to the trends and changes; it's the key element for a company's success. A successful business is the one that is good at making "new cakes" and set the trend of consumer market.

The constant rule of market is constant change
Accordingly, we need to adapt our strategy to the constantly changing market from time to time. In this information era, competition is throat-cutting. We have no choice but to shoot "flying targets", that is, we need to adapt to the ever changing market to gain the initiative.

The approach of "floating boat"
In an environment of such heated competition, there is only success and failure, no in-between. When the competition is strong, you have to be stronger to win. In that way, you can have the competitive edge and beat your opponents in the market.

Go abroad, go localized, go up to a higher level
If a business is uncompetitive in the domestic market, it is impossible make its way into the international market. However, if a business is successful only in the domestic market, the superiority won't last long. Nanbei has experienced a tough time when starting to go abroad. Some asked the question what is the point to seek for a bone abroad when there was easy meat in China. The truth is when all are fighting over the same piece of meat, there will be nothing left but the bone in no time. A business like Nanbei should actively take part in the global competition.
Go abroad: go to mainstream markets in mainstream regions;
Go localized: be admitted into mainstream channels selling mainstream products;
Go up to a higher level: be a mainstream brand.
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