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Products name:Cordless Phone
Cordless Phone
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Model No: AG-CDS10
Product Information:
Specification Packing Accessory

Telephone Features:

Record time up to 28 minutes with 59 messages storage.
Base unit with OGM, MEMO, ICM function
Flash colorful screen on Handset when receiving a call
Base unit colorful back light and animation screen display
Base unit chord ring available, 4 levels ring volume adjustable
Equipped with 3 handsets, convenient for using
Base unit can work when power failure
Base unit and handset alarm clock function
Handset 16 rings available, 2 levels ring volumes adjustable
Base unit 70 groups, handset 60 of FSK/DTMF compatible caller ID memory
Base unit 45 groups, handset 10 groups dialed out numbers review and redial

White Black, Metalic Blue, Dark Blue, Silver White etc.
Units per Carton: 20
Weight: 16.60kg/ctn
Measurement: L47.60cm*W39.00cm*H48.00 cm

Main Export Markets: Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, South Africa